Hardware assembly, software integration, technical design, and construction general contracting

  • Robotic Work Station
    According to the BOM of the system, the think tank can automatically take materials, feed materials, and automatically transport them to each work station for automatic processing. Through the robot collaborative automatic processing process, the automatic adjustment and scheduling of materials between the production line and the automatic adjustment between the line warehouse and the think tank can be completed. Fully digital process from automatic material acquisition, delivery, process parameter setting and traceability.
  • Spraying digital engineering
    Through 3D visual acquisition of product shape, automatic generation of spraying processing path, cancellation of programming and teaching, no longer use of traditional tooling fixed workpiece solution, greatly improve production efficiency and spraying automation costs, reduce operating expenses

  • Intelligent painting workstation
    The utilization rate of the spraying robot can reach 90%-95%. Through the cooperative control of the paint flow rate, atomized air pressure, fan air pressure and robot walking speed, the performance and uniformity of the paint film are ensured. The system is easy to operate and maintain, which can effectively improve the spraying quality and material utilization rate

  • Cloud System Platform
    Automatic collection of key systems, equipment and key process parameters, monitoring and alarm from time to time; Ensure that the position of the parts in the entire process is displayed in time with quality traceability

  • Waste gas treatment workstation
    The process is simple, low consumption and energy-saving, and the equipment and materials have strong oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life. It can efficiently remove waste gas containing volatile organic compounds, inorganic substances, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other major pollutants

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Continuously exploring the intelligent painting internet, how can we apply it in intelligent painting scenarios?
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Jinker is a solution integration provider for non-standard industrial automation and industrial cloud system platforms, specializing in the three major fields of coating automation, environmental automation, and intelligent system digitization. We offer "hardware assembly, software integration, technical design, and construction general contracting" services for industry groups, providing customers with one-stop industry services with high quality and efficiency.